The Treasure Hunt International Club

 (This article forms Angle C from where Treasure Hunt International company can launch its operations. Plan A is here while Angle B is here.

Treasure Hunt International is a trading and investment startup that is poised to go global. The startup is launching a membership club to be known as Treasure Hunt International Club. It will be made up of 200,000 members.

The club is designed to be an influential and wealthy members’ welfare club. It will have one major investment project; to oversee the successful launch of the Treasure Hunt International Company. 25% of the company has been allocated to the club.

Early members of the club will become interim office bearers, namely the president, deputy president, secretary, treasurer and their assistants. They will help shape and formalize the club.

Financial benefits to the club members

In addition to the many benefits destined for members, there will be huge financial benefits;

  • To ensure that members get maximum financial gain, the 30% shares will be divided equally among the 200,000 membership slots. This will ensure that the profits made by the clubs do not belong to the club as an entity but belong to individual members.
  • The clubs 25% investment in Treasure Hunt International company will be divided free of charge to the 200,000 members cards. Since many people will want to take up more than one membership card, they will get additional shares commensurate with the number of cards they have taken. For example: If a member takes 100 membership slots (cards), he will get 100 free shares. That is;- 25%    x 100


If a person takes up one card, he will get one free share; 25%   x 1


While members get free shares worth $497.20 per share, Financial Equity investors will pay $ 497.20 actual cash for a similar share. They will pay on the strength of the company’s traction, growth and potential.

Do these shares have an initial value?

Treasure Hunt International has allotted 44% of the company to Financial Equity investors for a total capitalization of 175 million US dollars. This means that the 25% allotted to Treasure Hunt Club has a paper value of 119,318,181.80 US dollars. Each membership card will be allotted a free share worth 497.20 US dollars (99,431,819.20).


Let us take a possible scenario. When Treasure Hunt Company grows and starts making a good annual net profit of 3 Billion US dollars from its global business operations, then, in a particular year, Treasure Hunt Club would earn;  3Billion  x 30%*  x  25% = 225 million US dollars.

(* 30% of Treasure Hunt company’s net income will be set aside for shareholders’ dividends every year. This will be the policy, irrespective of whether the company makes a tiny profit or a large profit.)

This will translate to 1125 US dollars per membership card. If the clubs policy is to pass 70% of its income to members, a member who holds 100 membership cards will get 1125 x 70% x 100 = 78,750.00 US dollars. A member who owns 300 membership cards will earn; 1125 x 70% x 300 =236,250.00 US dollars.

This kind of income will not only be possible, but will also increase as the company grows vertically. The company will be in business for the long haul. Exit clauses will only be made for individual investors. Individual investors who will be satisfied with the appreciation of their investments may opt to sell their shares to third parties. This arrangement will be an advantage to the investor who will want to sell his stakes. His net take will not be gobbled up by the company’s creditors, staff final settlements and general liabilities.

Non- financial objectives of the club

  1. Provide free training and skills to members who will wish to take up the numerous opportunities which Treasure Hunt International will avail.
  2. Keep a database of each member’s needs, wants and aspirations so as to provide tailored benefits
  3. Provide members with an online platform so that they can browse and see the many opportunities and openings available throughout Treasure Hunt’s global trade and investment operations.
  4. Focus on its members’ welfare. Make sure members get the best terms of engagement in any business or job situation. The club’s management will also address any member’s concerns promptly.
  5. Use the clubs funds in the most prudent and befitting ways.
  6. Build the club’s membership to become a valuable and much sought-after brand. This will benefit members who will have purchased additional membership cards.

There are no rules on who can be a member of Treasure Hunt International Club. Issuance of membership cards in on a ‘come first; serve first basis’. If you make a free booking of 100 cards, 100 cards will reserved for you. You will be given time to pay the tiny $ 2 out of the $10 fee per membership card. The $2 will confirm you as a serious member. Your membership cards will also be securely reserved for you and cannot be transferred to someone else.     You will pay the balance of $8 dollars per membership card taken only when you are satisfied that Treasure Hunt Club is a club you want to be part of. The initial $2 will enable the club to make the progress needed to prove its sincerity, focus, worth and potential to its members.

Members of the club will vote-in the club’s office bearers. Each card will be worth one vote. There will be 200,000 cards. Early members will be selected as interim office bearers. They are needed to organize things.

The best time to book your membership cards is now. By booking now you will have more time to acquaint yourself with the Treasure Hunt international club and Treasure Hunt International company’s ideas, plans and progress before you pay the $2. There is also the very possibility that the 200,000 membership slots will be grabbed up pretty fast once the drive for members takes to the global arena properly.

Once you make the free membership booking, you will then be able to participate in organizing the club and the company. You will learn quickly and get acquainted faster by participating and getting involved.

Not a risk taking investment club

The club is not formed as an investment club. The 30% stake is accorded to the club so as to:

  • Enable members to benefit financially and own part of Treasure Hunt International Company.
  • Give the club the money to run its affairs
  • Give it the wealth, the influence, the connections, and the reasons to support and defend the company should the need arise. The club will be the strength behind Treasure Hunt international company.

Under Plan A of the launch of Treasure Hunt International Company, distribution of the shares will be;

Financial Equity Investors;            44%

Treasure Hunt Club;                       25%

Founder                                            21%

The 1% Investor                              1%

Option pool                                     4%

Not allocated                                    5%

Under this arrangement, there will be no position of co-founder. A qualified person will be hired from the club to handle the duties of a co-founder.


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