The Treasure Hunt International Club

5 positions to fill in the newest ultra-lucrative startup set up

Treasure Hunt International Club is a club that is slated to own 65% of Treasure Hunt International Company; a global trading, investment, and manufacturing startup that is poised to establish its business in all the 195 countries of the world.

The startup founder is now seeking 5 people to form the founding members of the club. Together with the founder, this team will have only one task; to identify 6 more suitable people who will form the startup team for Treasure Hunt International startup. They will also ensure the startup team take office and start work.

The process of identifying and putting the startup team in office may include;

  • Incorporating the startup and registering the club.
  • Other suitable actions and arrangements that will brand the startup and the club as professional and authentic; attributes that will appeal the target candidates.

Benefits for the 5 club founders

  1. Each club founder will get a fixed stake of 0.5% of Treasure Hunt international company. The 0.5% has a book value of US$ 1,988,636.40. This stake is fixed and exempt from any dilution by fundraising actions. (The Startup book value is based on the total capital requirements of the company, which is equivalent to 65% of the company. Or 25,852,273 shares at $10 per share).
  2. Each of the club’s founders will automatically become a bona fide member of Treasure Hunt International Club. He will be awarded 100 shares worth a total of US$1000. (The Treasure Hunt Club will be made up of members who will own various amounts of shares from the 65% stake that is apportioned the Club).
  3. They will be at liberty to hold any office at the club, the company, or at both.
  4. The 0.5% stake is not a vested stake, it will be legally confirmed and awarded after only 6 months from the time the individual founding member joins the club, or as soon as the task of installing the startup team to office is complete; whichever comes first.
  5. The startup blueprint has a very robust and foolproof plan for raising funds. A clause is in place that will allow each of the 6 club founders to sell a quarter of his/her 0.6 stake to the club in cash. This is an arrangement that will benefit the 5 club founders, the initial startup team members, and the founder. These two teams and the founder will, between them, hold 32.5% of the company. This means the club’s stake ownership will grow to a final high of 76.26% of Treasure Hunt International Company.

What will be the relationship between the club and the company?


The club will act as a permanent investor to the company. With a stake hold of 76.26%, the club will literally own the company.

The club will be fully represented at the company’s Board of Directors.

The club will choose the CEO of the company.

The club will ensure that the interests of its members are fully catered for by the company. Some of these interests are;

  • Make sure the best job opportunities are given to members of the club
  • Make sure the best business opportunities are passed on to the members who are business inclined.
  • Create and realize other benefits that the members will pass.

Relationship between the club and its members

The club will be made up of members who will hold varying amount of shares in Treasure Hunt International Company. These shares will, in total, make up 65% of the company.

The club will not hold any authority over any shares except what has been allowed by shareholders. It will act as a regulator, administrator, and manager for the members’ welfare.

Members will vote-in the club’s office bearers.

The club will manage the sale or transfer of members’ shares. For example; a member who bought 50 shares at a total cost of $ 500 may want to sell 30 of those shares at a price of $1,000 per share (thereby garnering $30,000 from the sale).

Members may vote to forego any dividends and instead have their dividends pooled together and used to create a resource of mutual benefit. For example; the dividends may be used to build exotic vacation facilities at prime areas around the world. Such facilities would generate revenue and at the same time, members would vacation there free of any accommodation charges. Members may also vote for a part of their total dividends to be used in a way that would raise the standard of living for the clubs members from developing countries. E.g. build them better houses or use it as a medical cover for members who are most underprivileged.

                                How much can the clubs dividend amount to?

30% of the company’s annual after-tax profits would be given out as dividends. If, for example, the company makes an annual net profit of 2 Billion US Dollars from its global business operations, the club would get;

2 Billion x 30% x 65% = 390 million US Dollars

Capital. How the startup will raise capital

Raising capital is perhaps the most exciting part of the startup’s beginning. 259 million US Dollars is what is needed to fully capitalize Treasure Hunt International Company. Yes, 259 million US Dollars. Only.

Try Angels and later venture capital firms? Don’t even bother. Venture capitalists would probably not touch us with a long pole. They will find the startup too eccentric for their comfort. In any case venture capital firms would only grossly undervalue the startup and give such a small fund that very little would be achieved with it. What with their strangulating conditionality, and the diluting of other shares whenever the startup wants to raise some little funds.

The venture capital route is what nightmares are made of. I’d rather hang my gloves and go start a small mom and pop business at the local shopping center. However, in time, non-equity funding would be used extensively by the company to fund individual business projects.

That leaves us with only one option; Innovation. Innovate big. Nothing short of a trail blazing innovation. Fortunately, we are at the age of Information Technology and Innovations. Real life savers.

This is how the startup team will raise funds;

What way can you use to ‘sell’ things and nobody refuses to ‘buy’? And if anybody refuses, it’s because he finds the deal too good to be true?

Your guess is right. Only by giving away valuable stuff, and giving it away FREE OF CHARGE. Giving it away as gifts.

That is what the startup team will do. Each share is worth $10. They will dish out the shares as gifts. Free. Left and right. Cart away as many as you can carry.

Where is the logic in all that? What is the catch? Give shares as gifts? What for? You just can’t stand on the street corner and start giving out money to every passer-by. You’d be arrested for suspicious behavior!

  1. Good questions. 1. The whole fundraising plan is logic personified
  2. There is no catch
  3. Gifts after doing what? That is where the secret lies.

Let it remain a secret for the time being. No need of pre-emptying everything prematurely. Is there?

One thing I’m confident of; if we articulate the value proposition concisely, precisely, and persuasively, giving away 26 million shares freely would not be a big challenge. Even the government does not bother with a person who is giving away his assets freely.

Simple credentials required

  1. The plan is to incorporate the startup in the US. It would therefore be suitable if 3 of the 5 founders of Treasure Hunt International Club are US citizens. The other 2 could hail from any other country.
  2. Honesty and good work ethics; these attributes can never be overemphasized. Nothing of value can be achieved without mutual trust and the ability to work without being supervised.
  3. Ability to use social media is essential.
  4. Any existing contacts, connections or networks will come in very handy.

That is about all that is needed. Any other skill or experience would be an added advantage, e.g. crowd funding Human Relations (HR) or past startup experience.

What next?

Once the team of 6 (including the founder) is complete, we will put our heads together and decide where to start.

We may decide to look at our contacts and connections and decide who are best suited to form the startup team and how best to approach them.


We may decide to first spruce ourselves into a brand and raise some little funds that will enable us to incorporate the startup, register the club, and any other preparations. Such preparations would make the startup and the club more appealing to everyone. Crowd funding is one possible way of raising a few thousand dollars.

The Treasure Hunt Club and Treasure Hunt International Company are now at point zero. At the starting line. Ready to start moving forward.

They will start forming shape the moment you, the potential team member expresses his/her interest in being part of the team of 6 who will together get things moving.

Only 5 positions to fill. 5 positions packed with huge financial and non-financial benefits. You will be part of a team. No special skill required of you. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Sent the following details now to;

  1. Your names
  2. Email address
  3. Your country of residence
  4. A short list of your professional experiences and skills

Remember, even if you do not form part of this team, there are numerous lucrative positions which will be filled sooner than later. Treasure Hunt International Company is poised to grow and expand its operations to other countries of the world. The growth will be rapid and unrelenting.

Send your credential now. You will be contacted when matching new opportunities arise to see whether you are ready to take up the position.

Let’s Do It

Patrick Muasya

Founder: Treasure Hunt International Club, Treasure Hunt International Startup.











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