Join the world’s largest business startup

Cash strapped but set to bootstrap in style.

To boost the bootstrapping effort and mobilize some resources, we are starting the “Treasure Hunters Club” Permanent membership will only cost US $10. It is open to people from around the world.

This membership card will soon become something of a blue-chip ‘stock’. Just continue reading this and other pages in this website and you will have no illusion as to what we mean. Everyone is invited to become a member; anyone in any part of the world.

The benefits open to members will be numerous;

  • As the startup becomes a company and goes global, as it opens businesses in one country after another, jobs and business opportunities will arise everywhere. Members will be given priority in these opportunities.
  • Members will enjoy the privilege and freedom of being able to shift residence to any part of the world and have a job lined up for them there. How is this possible? Treasure Hunt International will be a global corporation. Its’ trading and investment interests will be many, very many. The idea behind this startup is very simple. There’s nothing complicated about it.
  • If you want to be active in the startup, there is a lot to do. We will train you free of charge on how you can hasten the company’s preparation to open business operations in your country; in which case you will be a key staff member of the new branch.
  • You could become one of the two partners with whom the company will establish a business entity in your country. You will then own half of the 30% shareholding to be apportioned to partners in your country’s branch.
  • Business opportunities will arise as Treasure Hunt International grows both vertically and horizontally. The company will be structured to trade and invest in the whole gamut of commercial industries; import and export, manufacturing, Information Technology, distribution and wholesale, processing, mining, farming, commercial transport, etc,etc. Opportunities to do business with the company will be many. Priority and complete support will be given to Treasure Hunt Club members who will be business inclined.
  • Creativity and flexibility are hallmarks of this startup; hence our expansion and implementation procedures are not cast on stone. There are as many ways for the members to benefit from as there are business opportunities to exploit.
  • A strategic program is in place under which your extra membership card(s) will gain tremendous increase in value; becoming an investment and enabling you to sell it for tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars.


Members will reap direct and tangible benefits. The startup will commence business operations the moment it secures initial funding. The bootstrapping work currently underway involves rolling out a network system across the world (It’s something equivalent to laying out underground data cables.

Members will benefit the company in many ways;

  • A member may have experiences and skills that prove valuable to the company. As the company grows, it will need all the relevant skills and experiences it can get.
  • A member may reside in a location that is of strategic value to the company. His/her knowledge of everything local (customs, business practices, language etc) and personal skills and experiences will come in handy.
  • A member may stumble upon or notice a great business opportunity in his or her locality. The company may take up the opportunity and the member becomes part of the team that will manage the resultant business. He may also decide to open his own business and buy supplies from the company. In which case he will receive very preferential treatment.
  • Online work will be sourced out to members. Members will part of the company, hence it will be possible to offer training and trust them to do excellent work every time.
  • Members who want to be active from the very beginning will boost the work of coordinating the country-by-country virtual branch establishment.
  • The founding team could be derived from the members club. This is the team that will prepare the startup for funding and commence global operations and expansion work.
  • Members with computer and IT skill could come in handy in operating software and applications that will be used in familiarization programs and synthesizing of information and data.

Your free membership will actually prepare the startup for the funding process; make slides, podcasts, business plan cover legal expenses, etc.

  • It will give Treasure Hunt International immense traction and make it irresistible to Equity investors. It will also position it firmly on a growth trajectory.
  • It will give the startup a definite shape, establish its direction, and make its potential more visible.

Together we can push this vehicle on to the road and be on our way to great things.

                                       Opportunities without limit!  Excitement without limit!

If you like the thrill of being part of a commercial organization that will spread quickly throughout the world, then welcome to the club of go-getters! The company will be resolute, steadfast and single minded in its growth and expansion onslaught. The main scope of the startup’s operations does not deal in experimental concepts, ideas or risky ventures. We are taking facts, realities, viable and popular opportunities, plus information technology to launch a venture of global proportion. The business is built on solid basics and foundation; ready markets, ample supplies, and viable business opportunities that arise in thriving industries. The keyword that distinguishes our approach is innovation. We are out to do business in an innovative new way.

If you instinctively feel this is a great idea, trust your instinct. Instinct is always right. Join us! There is enough room for everyone. There is enough and diverse opportunities to be generated; Jobs in every type of industry; Business opportunities in all industries. We are determined to plough our way through the business world, reaping huge benefits as we establish our operations permanently wherever the soil is fertile. Together we can!

Do not recoil at the thought of being asked to do something for the startup without pay. You don’t need to do anything unless you wish to. You only need to spread the word; share this site with your friends and acquaintances on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Sent the link or the URL as SMS (Short Message Service) from your phone to everyone you know. Remember bootstrapping is only a temporary feature of the startup. The more members we have, the more creative potential we are building. The more members we have, the more potential there is for stirring up business opportunities throughout the world.

                                               The most beautiful girl in the village

Sometimes it pays to discard all prevailing opinion and just listen to your instinct. Sometimes it does pay to take an orthodox approach. A seemingly stupid approach may just be the perfect answer to a nagging dilemma. Let me tell you a short story; Many years ago in my village, when wild animals used to terrorize villagers, when my great, great grandmother was a girl, there lived this maiden who was the most beautiful girl in the land. Breathtakingly beautiful is what she happened to be. Every man who looked at her felt weak at the knees. However, she had one character flow; she was more proud and aloof than a peacock. To make life harder for the many suitors who proposed marriage, she stipulated that she would only marry the man who would make her laugh or make her talk to him; Period. Her parents, though baffled by their daughter’s behavior gave her leeway. Her home turned into a circus of sorts as handsome young men from wealthy and respected families came to try their antics before her. They made jokes, turned into comedians, rolled on the ground, jumped up and down, ran to and fro, made faces, and tried everything in their arsenal; but the beautiful maiden remained as mute and sullen as  ever. Now there happened to be a village tramp; a man whom everyone frowned upon and brushed off as a hopeless failure. He was unkempt, lazy and loved free meals. His suppressed love for the beautiful maiden was driving him bonkers. Since he was not allowed into her father’s homestead, he only watched the spectacles from afar as he picked out lice and fleas from his clothes. One evening he sneaked into the lady’s home, stole into her room and hid under her bed. When the maiden was fast asleep he quietly climbed onto the corner of her bed, squatted and emptied his bowels; releasing a generously large mound of feces. The foul smell awoke our maiden. Puzzled and confused, she lit her sheep-oil lamp. On seen the fool and the soiled bed clothes, she broke into a rage. She hurled objects at him, cursed him and called him every obscene thing as he cowed to the furthest wall. The commotion awoke her parents and everyone else. The beautiful maiden had no choice but to marry the village tramp.

My great grandmother who narrated to me that story may be long gone but folktales have an everlasting way of lightening up long reads like this wonderful proposal; Just like a cup of coffee. I hope you found it amusing.

Can you meet the challenge? For only 10 dollars, the beautiful lady will be all yours. You will secure the ticket (membership card) to all the benefits stated earlier and more benefits that will arise as the startup grows into a giant global corporation. The marriage will be sealed, the contract made. The onus will then falls on the lady to fulfill her part of the bargain. It will no longer be a game but serious business. Do not let yourself reason your way out of the offer. Become a bona-fide member of this upcoming worldwide business entity. Join us, believe in us, and stick with us at this time when the startup is more of an idea than a going concern. Join at this time when the upcoming company is more of bootstrapping affair. This is the stuff lifelong relationships are made of.

                                   What if the startup acquires too few members?

Well, the startup is on its bootstrapping stage. A small number of members may not be enough to provide the push the startup needs to complete its preparations for funding. However, bootstrapping has a low financial burn rate, and whatever support the small number provides will be used to maintain our tenacious hold to realize this magnificent idea.

The startup may find itself in the position of the toad; about to be swallowed by the crane (dwindling resources and adverse circumstances). Or it may become the crane, struggling to swallow a seemingly insurmountable opportunity. Whatever side of the dual we may find ourselves as a startup, we are determined to end up as the victors. Every membership card given out is a short of energy up the startup’s veins.

Limited Free Offer

Membership cards are limited in number. Only 200,000(two hundred thousand) are up for grabs. 200,000 cards for the hundreds of millions of people who would love to benefit from the opportunities the card will bring. Once the offer is closed, it will be closed for good. Those who miss out on the chance to get a card will have to buy one from those who will have extra cards.

Why 200,000 cards only?

  • We want to raise only what will help us get through to the investors’ hearts, and then get down to the real business of securing Equity funds and launching the business.
  • 200,000 is a tiny figure compared to the opportunities that are envisioned and projected to arise from the global operations. Hence it will not be difficult to fulfill our promises.
  • The amount that can be raised from membership cards is too marginal to make a dent on the required capitalization of US $ 175m (One hundred and seventy five million US Dollars). This is the ideal figure Treasure Hunt requires for full operations in all the 195 countries of the world. It is also the amount required to wean the company of Equity funding for good. However, as you will read in this website, a tiny fraction of this amount is enough to commence the business operations of Treasure Hunt International. The business model is extremely flexible, adaptable and pragmatic.

 We know that nobody uses his money on something he/she is not convinced of its usefulness or its viability. That is understandable. That is why we invite you to become a member for as long as you wish- without paying anything. Only when you are fully satisfied that this is what you want,will you be free to pay your membership fee.

No Opt-in buttons available. Fill and send the form in the contact page  or send your email address to;

Make this your startup. Be part of it !


Patrick Muasya- Founder


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