Grab this 1% of the next big thing for only US $25,000

(This article describes Angle A from which Treasure Hunt International can launch its operations. Angle B is here while Angle C is here.)

Treasure Hunt International, the new global trading and investment startup is giving away 1% of the company  for only 25,000 US Dollars. The startup is at an early stage and is seeking finance to acquire the basic resources needed for unbridled exposure and traction. The paper value of the 1% of the company is US $ 3,888,888(3.9 million dollars).

The paper value is only one step before market value. This value will quickly turn into market value once the company starts gaining traction and growth.

Treasure Hunt International is a pure global startup. Even as the company spruces up its website and installs the necessary software and applications, it will be busy publicizing its proposals for virtual partners from all the 195 countries of the world. In other words it will be laying down the network for its global trading operations and other planed business investments.

Among the resources the startup is seeking to secure using the funds are:

  • Re-develop this website to give it a more professional image
  • Acquire a Top Level Domain (preferably a .com)
  • Acquire an email auto res-ponder by subscribing to one of the email service providers
  • Install language translation software. We intent to translate the website into 10 of the world’s major languages. These are: – French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Dutch, German, Hindu, Japanese, Mexican and Latin. This move will enable the 200,000 membership of Treasure Hunt International club to fill up quickly. It will also be a move towards securing business partners in other countries.
  • Acquire social media marketing skills ( as the membership grows, more financial resources will be available to handle the publicity campaign)
  • Secure the necessary plugins, software and programs to enable seamless synthesis of operational data and communication.

We have taken the following steps to assure you of our sincerity and authenticity. The steps have also completely reduced any risk to your investment.

The first step we are seeking to attain is incorporation of the company. Our ideal place of incorporation is Delaware USA. We want a C Corporation as it gives shareholders and other stakeholders more legal flexibility in handling their shares.

Very little of the funds will be used outside the USA. Only about 15% of the funds will be use on the founder’s office in Kenya. They would be used on such necessities as;

  • Accessing the internet
  • Telephone calls
  • Skype equipment
  • Necessary software and applications

The whole funding amount will be carefully used to produce results and gain as much millage as possible. Most focus would be on bringing in members and ensuring the initial $2 dollars is paid. The funds from membership fees will enable the startup to start gaining traction and get a vote of confidence from its club members and potential investors. Detailed information on how the traction will be gained will be shared with the investor.

The 25,000 dollars could also be split into installments of, say 1000 dollars each. Each installment would be budgeted and pegged on a milestone(s) of traction and growth; the goal being to produce specific and very satisfactory results. Once everyone is happy with the process and the results, the next installment’s budget would be brought to the table.

         Financial benefits created specifically for investors and other shareholders

As the founder of Treasure Hunt International startup, I firmly believe that investors are the backbone of any sizable company (whether they are venture firms, Angel investors, Banks, or wealthy individuals). A company that provides good returns on investments will never lack funds. That company will be a darling of financial investors, acquisition seekers, merger hunters, partnership seekers and moneyed opportunists. The value of its shares will hit the roof and stay there. (Of course the company has to make good profits in the first place)

Early financial investors take more risks and their funds mean life and death to a startup. These investors deserve special compensation for their trust and faith. Treasure Hunt International has a great compensation package for its early investors such as the 1% investor. Here is how it looks like;

For example (just for example); If the company’ target is to raise 5 million dollars for every 5% of the 44%,* New Equity investors may need to pay more if there is a marked increase in the market value of the company. An investor may pay 5.25 million dollars instead of 5 million dollars for the 5% stake owing to overall company growth. The marginal increase of 0.25 million (250 thousand) dollars can be attributed to the risks taken by earlier investors. The whole of this surplus will be used to compensate earlier investors. Earlier financial equity investors will get a much larger share. Even if there is only one earlier investor, (such as the 1% investor(s) of $25,000) he will get the whole compensation amount apportioned to financial equity investors. If 50% of the surplus is the percentage provided for investors who invest money, then the 1% investor will get US $ 250,000 x 50% = 75,000 US dollars. The same arrangement would be repeated in all subsequent funding until the 44% of the company is fully taken and the company is fully funded.

(*The capital requirements of Treasure Hunt International has all being estimated and all possible provisions appropriated for. Since the company expects to raise its capital in chunks and all within and unpredictable period, surplus may be raised. The company has set aside 44% of its shareholding for financial investors. The challenge will thereafter be to create the capacity to absorb, whether and tame the wild and unpredictable reality of fundraising.)

The aim of the company is to become a most lucrative investment option for investors.

In addition, the company will make it a policy that 30% of the company’s annual net profit will be use as dividends. If the company makes a net profit of, say 500 million US dollars, the 1% investor will get a dividend of 500,000,000 x 30% x 1% = $ 1,500,000.

The 1% equity investor(s) of $ 25,000 is a most important investor to the startup. Without these funds the startup will without fail slip from being a startup to become a NON-starter.

The upcoming exclusive Treasure Hunt International Club has set aside a great gift for you, the 1% equity investor(s) of $ 25,000. The present is already wrapped up, fully paid for and ready to be handed over to you.

That is not all; 3% shares has been slashed from sweat equity investors and sold to general financial investors who hold half of the 44% allocated to financial equity investors. The 44% is made up of Venture capital firms (22%) and General financial investors (22%). The 3% equity is a sweat equity which has been sold out. The amount raised will be split among shareholders in proportion to the size of their share. This is because;

  • Sweat equity shares have not yet been legally and firmly allocated to their owners.
  • Sweat equity shareholders will also be benefiting from the compensation package designed for early financial investors.

The 3% will raise      3 x 175,000,000   =11,931,818.20                                                                                                                            44

As the 1% investor, you will get 11,931,818.20 x 1% = 119,318.20 US dollars in cash.

The move to sell the 3% shares to the general investors has been necessitated by several factors;

  1. Should the formation of the Treasure Hunt International Club prove successful, another club may be formed for general investors. The new club would need to have similar number of shares to those possessed by Treasure Hunt International Club (25%).
  2. The general investors will far more in number compared to the 200,000 members of Treasure Hunt International Club. It is only prudent and fair that they own at least a similar stake in the company.

Technically, the clubs as entities will not own any shares. The shares will be owned by individual members of the clubs.

                                   Leveling the ground for the foundation

Once you contact me, we will together work to establish a clear, friendly and easy pattern of working together. We will establish a free and easy method of communication. All issues you raise will be addressed first.

Contact me now and let us start leveling the ground before we start working on the foundation for the best company ever.

Send me a short email with the title; ‘The 1% Investment’. Include your:

  • Email address
  • Country
  • State, Province, or County
  • City( or nearest town) of residence

This is your startup. Jump to the contact page or use the email;

Patrick  Muasya

Founder- Treasure Hunt International





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