A Plate-full of game-changing inventions and concepts

As elaborated in other posts, Treasure Hunt International’s business operations will not be confined to a single ‘lonely’ industry.

The diversity of the company’s trade and investment interests will give it complete maneuverability in portfolio building. One of the company’s interests will be handled by a department that will focus on disruptive inventions and game-changing business ideas. The department will be mandated to build these ideas into viable startups and businesses.

Treasure Hunt International will have the resources needed to possess majority stakes in these startups – no less than 60% ownership. The other 40% will be taken up by financial investors and startup teams.

When you invest in Treasure Hunt International, you invest, not just in one startup, but in a growing portfolio of lucrative independent companies. The small investment you make on Treasure Hunt International will develop what I call the ‘sisal plant effect’. The sisal plant grows shoots that protrude several feet away. These shoots grow into independent and luxuriant sisal plants.

The money goes to shareholders

When one of the startups exits, the money will go directly to the shareholders and investors. Treasure Hunt International as a company will only deduct its expenses and any funds it may have injected into the exiting business.

For example; if a startup exits at a price of 500 million US dollars, Treasure Hunt’s stake holders will get 500,000,000 x 60% = $ 300,000,000. If Treasure Hunt International had not injected any hard cash into the startup, then the whole $ 300,000,000 (before taxation) will be divided up among Treasure Hunt International’s shareholders and any investor who may have invested funds into that particular business.

With its vast global network and immense resources, the company will be able to turn winning ideas into businesses pretty fast. The company’s assets will also be leveraged when it decides to negotiate with new startup founders so as to scale their startups into profitable businesses.

What does all this mean? It means that Treasure Hunt International will also be the ‘hen that lays new golden eggs.’

Preview of things to come

Here is a taste of the ‘hybrid’ concepts and ideas that Treasure Hunt International will be dealing in;

  1. Buying and Selling is where all the Money is. The Online shopping industry is minute compared to the global physical ‘brick and mortar’ shopping; yet online affiliate based trade is said to be really profitable. There is a simple and effective formula that can easily take affiliate marketing to physical shopping. Imagine the total daily volume of money involved in the whole gamut of buying and selling in a city like Lost Angles. (I mean Los Angles). A fraction of this trade would give a fortune in affiliate commissions; and that is one day! How would this formula be implemented?  The implementation strategy will target the kingpin in all retail transactions – the customer.
  2. Information is Big Business. The demand for information is perennial. Information is big business as evinced by the internet and Google in particular. However, there is an expansive ‘last frontier’ waiting to be taped; the home lap for the internet information machinery. The concept is extremely business viable as it turns the vast amount of information available into a valuable and useful commodity. I did a feasibility study on this concept. The feasibility study involved; (a) a limited market trial run of the idea to gauge acceptance and study the overall market response. (b) Seeking the opinion of experts in the information and related sectors. I rented a well equipped business premises, contracted a couple of knowledgeable people and instructed them on what to do (I should have trained them prior to this engagement). I then distributed fliers and leaflets to a wide demography of Nairobi City’s population. This included a section of the staff and students at a top university college. The results were not only positive, but also jolted our eyes open to the magnitude and potential of the idea. A coordinator of a Non-governmental organization whom I talked to was of the opinion that, to quote her words; “this idea can make you a millionaire in one month”
  3. Soccer; the Richest Sport in the World. Soccer (English Football) is the richest sport in the world. This idea is an ultra powerful team training method. The system of training is an adaptation of the Predator system of management that is designed for Treasure Hunt International Corporation. The training formula transforms an inexperienced and low ranked football team into a football ‘power horse’ within three months. Imagine a small town football team climbing to the premier league within one season. Imagine this little known team playing Manchester United and emerging the victor. Such dazzling climb and performances would cause sensation and immense publicity within the football circles. There are scores of wealthy football clubs in Europe which are struggling to stay above the relegation zone.

These are three of five game changing ideas whose viability is beyond doubt. Treasure Hunt International will make sure it holds the largest possible stake when realizing these ideas.

Treasure Hunt International’s launch and subsequent growth will errand the beginning of an era of immense and endless financial and non-financial rewards for all its shareholders and investors.

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