About the Founder

Mr. Patrick Muasya is a career accountant, a copywriter and a serial entrepreneur.

He has worked a total of 181/2 years as an accountant in four different companies. Four medium sized companies, each company owned by one of the most industrious communities in Africa. As a result Mr. Muasya has learned more entrepreneurial tactics than gains in his career advancement.

  1. A 7 year span working at a Clearing and Forwarding Company. This was a medium sized ltd company. A family business owned and managed by the hardworking and rapacious Kikuyu Community. Here he learned the ‘no taking prisoners’ ways of doing business: extreme methods, bordering on the venal.
  2. A 11/2 year stint at and a hardware distributing company in Nairobi City’s Industrial Area. This was an Asian Owned family business belonging to the Patel clan. Focus, dedication and tenacity are the secret of success with Asian owned companies. Holding on like a bulldog. Getting whipped and pummeled by adverse circumstances but never letting go.
  3. A 10 year stretch at an importing and retailing company belonging to directors and investors form the Somali community. The Somali, a lineage of the Arabs are simply amazing when it comes to owning and running retail outlets. ‘Immerse yourself in your work. Don’t look at the city clock’, is a phrase that aptly describes their passionate and industrious work habits.

1991, at 21, fresh from college and trained in Clearing Forwarding and Shipping, his career in ‘Corporate Kenya’ began.

P.S  To be continued.