The new global trading and investment entity

A new business is in the executive stage. It will focus on harnessing the generously available Information Technology (IT) to build a` new generation’ global business corporation. It will be a trading and investment enterprise that will trade and invest across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. A Business entity that will be single minded and relentless in investing and establishing permanent roots in all the places it will operate. The company will be called  Treasure Hunt International.

We plan to create a company that   will serve the very interests of all its stake holders. This will be done by redefining, bettering and tailoring the standard exit arrangements. Capital will be raised through issuance of Equity Shares. However, the conventional serial fundraising method will not be followed as it has the undesirable effect of diluting existing shares at every round. There will also be a membership club, free but limited in numbers. Members will be accorded priorities in all opportunities; Jobs, lucrative business opportunities, corporate social responsibility, charitable acts when appropriate, etc.

How will Information Technology apply?

Treasure Hunt will aim for rapid growth. For instance, through the internet the company will invest and trade in other countries by initially relying on  IT to seek and secure business partnerships in as many countries as will be possible. The excellent methods of communication available will be used to acquaint these partners with the business’s planned operations and strategies. This will pave way for commencement of tangible business activities.

What will the company trade in?

We are launching a business that will have the adaptability, flexibility, resilience and the strength to withstand almost any economic upheaval that will come its way. The business will not be hemmed in and confined to the rigidity and vulnerability of trading and investing within the confines of a single industry. The company will maneuver its way to the very center of the world’s most lucrative industries; Japan’s motor vehicle industry (export), Asia’s massive electrical and electronic export trade, the oil industry, the trade in China and Dubai’s merchandise, export of German’s manufactured goods, and many more. The company will also seize business opportunities in local markets. For example, U.S.A may not the largest exporter but it has thriving and lucrative internal commercial activities. The strategy is to keep a permanent vigil at the source of supply, and at the same time establish a formidable presence at the market place.

More business opportunities

The business is designed to grow (both horizontally and vertically) and establish a commercial bank and a shipping line. The bank, in addition to becoming a business entity on its own right, will make the company’s commercial transactions much cheaper, quicker, secure and reliable. In due time, the bank will open branches in all the countries where the company will have operations. The shipping line will tap into the highly profitable sea transport business while at the same time reducing the cost of transporting the company’s goods.

Internet and IT in general are the current frontiers for emerging companies looking for new opportunities, rapid growth and quicker profits. We aim to build the strength to take the bull by the horns, and wrestle it to the ground. What do I mean? The company will start an Investment Fund that will be semi-autonomous. The fund will be used to fund the realization of break-through ideas in the company’s IT section. In the course of its global operations, the company is bound to come across ideas, concepts, and opportunities in the burgeoning IT industry. Given the company’s global reach and its vastly increasing resources, it will be possible to exploit IT related opportunities with relative ease.

How do we plan to pull it off?

One thing is assured; running this business will be as exciting and adventurous as it will be profitable and rewarding. A detailed blueprint on everything from launching the startup, international operations, growth strategies, through to developing deep roots in all the places we will establish the business- is ready.

The blueprint contains clear details on;

  • Three growth and expansion phases that encompass the whole vision.(Each phase is in a detailed and simple form, including illustrations)
  • Vehicle of Delivery-A unique business structure with a management system that is (to the best of estimates) 98.9% predatory (meaning that the business’s `DNA’ will be structured to read and understand only one language-`Growth, Expansion, and more Growth!’)
  • Financial Projections and the company’s policies on funds allocations and utilization.
  • The angles and options to choose from when launching the business with little capital.
  • What problem(s) the start up is going to solve. What needs(s) the startup’s operations will address. What gap(s) the startup is going to fill.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The contents of the Blueprint will be revealed and discussed with the co-founder and the team members so as to;

  • Enable each person to grasp and understand the whole idea and get the spirit of the proposed enterprise.
  • Make an informed decision on the offer.
  • Get us acquainted with one another under the floodlight of the whole vision.