Vacancies- qualified people to make the founding team

I am seeking to engage a full business startup team including a co-founder.

Co-founder; necessary skills, experiences and attributes;

  • Honesty and a committed adherence to work ethics. The Co-founder will safeguard and oversee the startup’s finances in addition to steering its general operations.
  • Plenty of experience in dealing with investors and raising funds, especially at the seed level.
  • Experience in the various forms of IT marketing and skill in computer operations.

Technical Officer. Necessary skills and experience;

  • Savvy in computer operations and IT.
  • Be proactive in computerizing the company’s rapidly evolving operations using the latest and most suitable software.
  • Formatting, storing and up keeping incoming and outgoing information in a most useful and accessible manner.
  • Be pragmatic in ensuring that Information Technology is suitably and optimally applied and ingrained in project implementations, especially the expansion programs.
  • Help in formulating a familiarization program for our virtual partners.
  • Have a wide and up to date knowledge in the operations and suitability of a wide selection of computer software, programs and applications.

Demand on the Technical Officer’s skills and expertise will grow exponentially as business operations in other countries get under way.

Business Development Manager (International Operations) Useful skills and experience;

  • Ample skills in IT and handling computer applications,
  • You will take charge of our virtual expansion program which involves proposing and securing virtual partnerships in other countries.
  • Have an open mind and past experience in various business fields at management levels.
  • You will be providing managerial and moral support to our partners in other countries.
  • You will liaise with our partners in these countries to establish and accelerate business traction.

Business Development Manager (Local Operations); Useful skills and experience;

  • Have an entrepreneurial mind, a hawk eye for business opportunities and keen interest in the whole gamut of commercial activities.
  • Have past experience in running small to medium size businesses. The Development Officer will be instrumental in identifying a lucrative business opportunity in America, launching it and steering it to profitability within a reasonably short period of time. This business will serve as one of our MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).
  • You will eventually take charge of local growth, expansion and general operations in the whole of U.S.A.

As a founder what will be my contribution?

My geographical location may mean physical absence. However, modern IT and communication technology make physical presence less paramount. The startup is a team project and major moves will be made as a team; Decision making, Strategy formulation, adopting implementation procedures, etc.

Physical unavailability, however, has its drawbacks, hence the decision to choose a co-founder with strong entrepreneurial attributes. In addition to his citizenry being a strategic asset, the co-founder will represent my entrepreneurial stewardship on the ground.

  • I will provide the `designs’. The co-founder will understand them and translate them to the rest of the team.
  • I will ship the kit for the `Vehicle of Delivery’. The co-founder will assemble it.
  • I will streamline the blueprint where necessary to ensure smooth implementation. The Co-founder will ensure utmost harmony and precision while effecting any adjustments.
  • The co-founder and I will work together on the various strategies and make entrepreneurial decisions together.

The Business Development Co-founder is deliberately selected, NOT as a separate team member, but, together with the founder, to act as a ‘single team member’. In this start up, the co-founder and the founder will be something akin to twin brothers. Entrepreneurs, like any other professional groups, understand one another. They speak the same language. They can read each other’s minds and easily understand each other’s intentions.  Our complementing, augmenting and supplementing efforts will make light work of the tasks ahead.

Initial shareholding structure

This structure is made to ensure every share that is apportioned or appropriated will not be diluted in future. Every possible contingent is well covered. I propose;

  • 45%-to investors(this is a total and maximum stake set aside for investors)
  • 15%-to the option pool( reserved for founding team members and prime workers who are not founders)
  • 10%-for the Co-founder
  • 25%- for the Founder
  • 5%   -not apportioned (to be used as room for maneuvering and possible negotiation)

Here Is The Game Plan!

The startup needs seed capital to enable it to commence operations. To raise the funds, it has to make very particular preparations that will make it appealing and irresistible to investors. I am planning under the assumption that;

  • Every confirmed team member is committed elsewhere at this particular moment and has not disengaged himself from his/her current work schedule.
  • Every confirmed team member is NOT able to work without pay, whether full time or part time.
  • All team members are passionate about the whole idea. However, for the team to avail themselves on a full time basis, the startup has to have ready funds to sustain operations and pay everyone a monthly salary for an average period of 1 year.

It may sound like a case of ‘pushing oneself to a corner’; however, dealing in reality is safer than hoping for an ideal scenario. The first step is for the team to assemble together, physically meet together at a kitchen table, at a nice restaurant, or just somewhere quiet. The team will then go through all the steps that lead to funding and weigh all the options available including;

  • Registration and compliance with legal requirements, and formalization of the team membership.
  • Weigh the amount of traction generated by the bootstrapping campaign and how to maximize the resultant leverage in the quest for funds.
  • Apportion the tasks among the team members in a way that will enable them to work on them when they have the time to spare from their busy schedules. This situation is equivalent to a commercial vehicle that is stuck in mud. The crew will willingly go out of their way to ensure the vehicle is back on the road again. They will push, pull, shovel mud out of the way, and even flag down passing vehicles to have their vehicle yanked out of the mud.