Vacant Position; Interim Coordinator

Are you honest, ambitious, a team player, and well acquainted with the internet and social media in particular?   Treasure Hunt International is a global-poised Import/Export and Investment startup that you will find very exciting. You will get a fixed and permanent stake of 0.5% of the startup. The 0.5% has a current paper value of US$ 1,988,637( based on the total capital required). You will stand to enjoy endless financial benefits as listed further below.

I’ve identified the U.S.A as a strategically suitable country to base the business. The US provides the following advantages;

  1. Relative ease in securing funds for capitalization,
  2. Robust and conducive business environment,
  3. Relative ease in expanding the business to other developed countries,
  4. Relative ease in ‘downloading’ (expanding) the business to the developing countries,
  5. Ready access to cutting-edge technology in all industries, especially in IT,
  6. Ease in building a global  brand, courtesy of the large concentration of global publicity avenues.
  7. The immense general goodwill and repute of America is a leverage for any business that is global focused.

You will stand to benefit from lifelong financial benefits;

  1. Your 0.5% shares will not be subjected to the industry-standard 4 year vetting period. Your work and support in launching the startup will exempt you from this requirement. This means that, once the startup’s team takes over, you can walk away with your shares and continue receiving all future financial benefits. It means you will not need to work for the company for 4 years so as to earn those shares. It will mean you can sell those shares for millions of dollars. (A company valuation of half a billion dollars would give your 0.5% stake a market value of 2,500,000 million US dollars.)
  2. You can decide to work for the company and negotiate a full market salary.
  3. As an early investor (sweat equity investor) you will qualify for ‘early investor risk compensation packages’-see the nextbigthingforonly$25,000.
  4. A proposed semi-internal transaction involving a sell of 3% of the company to a proposed Treasure Hunt International Club. The proceeds will be divided among investors and shareholders. Your 0.5% stake will earn you US$ 59,659 in cash.
  5. No shares will be diluted as all contingency appropriations and provisions have been made regarding shareholdings.
  6. You can become a member of the exclusive Treasure Hunt International club and secure numerous non-financial benefits which include life-long job security.
  7. Should you be part of the startup team, you will stand to benefit from a new package – the startup team members’ package. This package includes a 0.5% share of the company and a lower than market-rate salary. Though this 0.5% stake is subject to vetting, the vetting is pegged on either time (4 years) or milestone of company growth (a company valuation of half a Billion US Dollars) whichever is less. This means that if the team works hard and the company attains a market valuation of half a billion dollars, all vetted sweat equity investors may offload part of their shares. They may sell, for example, 0.2% for their 0.5% ownership. In this case a sell of the 0.2% would earn the holder 1 million US dollars.

You take no risk whatsoever except for the effort you put in and the limited time you will use!

All possible risks have been completely mitigated for;

  1. The startup will be incorporated in Delaware USA. This means it will be an American corporation, subject to American laws, regulations and taxation.
  2. The startup team will all be American citizens.
  3. The startup founder’s office in Kenya will be quoted in the incorporation documents as the ‘legal address’ only.
  4. Management and operations will be headquartered in the US.
  5. The company’s finances will be managed from the US. This includes the main bank account.

What is required of you?

Since it’s difficult and cumbersome to launch and manage a startup wholly from overseas, you will be our ‘man on the ground’;

  1. Together we will ‘dress up’ the startup and secure the initial capacity building seed fund of US $ 25,000.
  2. Once this amount is received, you will be instrumental in the process of incorporating the company (you may undertake the incorporation process online).
  3. You will help identify and bring together the startup team.

Contact me at;

Patrick Muasya


Treasure Hunt International